Attorney Profile

Attorney Rhonda Peoples-Waters has tried over 40 non-jury and jury trials in her career. She was the lead trial counsel in more than half of those cases. She has been licensed to practice law by the Supreme Court of Florida since 1999 and she began her career at the Public Defender's Office in Jacksonville, Florida. Attorney Rhonda Peoples-Waters has handled thousands of cases covering misdemeanors and felonies. The types of cases have included charges such as theft, DUI, domestic battery, resisting with violence, sexual battery (rape), child molestation, armed robbery, sale of cocaine, second degree murder, manslaughter, and numerous other charges.

Attorney Rhonda Peoples-Waters finished her career at the Public Defender's Office, after serving as the Division Chief of both of the Repeat Offender Divisions in Duval County. In those positions, she was responsible for case assignment, overseeing and supervising other attorneys, as well as trying their cases with them; while also handling the more serious cases as her own caseload. She learned the importance of organization, presentation, investigation, thorough deposition skills and case research.

Attorney Peoples-Waters then matriculated to practice Criminal Law and Personal Injury Law at the Law Office of Craig Gibbs. She participated in mediations and civil depositions. She settled several large figure personal injury cases. She conducted numerous negotiations with large and small insurance companies on behalf of her clients.

It was upon receiving clear direction from God, that Attorney Rhonda Peoples-Waters opened her law firm, Rhonda Peoples-Waters P.A. Our firm specializes in criminal defense and personal injury cases. We take pride in seeking justice for our clients just as we want it applied in our own lives. After growing up in historic Selma, Alabama, Attorney Peoples-Waters has a personal experience of how important justice is and how justice matters to all.

The most important success of Attorney Rhonda Peoples-Waters’ life, out of all the outstanding accomplishments mentioned above and unmentioned, is her Absolute Love for God! As a result of this awesome love; flows her love for her daughter (Jasmine), her parents (Ronald and Winona), brother (Bernard), family members, friends, and mankind. She is thankful for the opportunity to try and imitate our Lord. All honor and glory is due to Him!

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